What is a Room Slot?

A room slot is the time frame that students are able to select their rooms. After the application process has completed and students are fully assigned as individuals or groups and given a time slot. This will be viewable on the Student Housing Portal once they have signed in and are able to select.

Once your time slot has begun you can start selecting your room within the “Room Search” tab in your time slot in the Student Housing Portal. There are two options: “Roommate Groups” and “Select rooms from a list”.

Rooms can be searched by type, structure, floor or even rooms. When you’re at a point where you are ready to select the space, you will click on the blue button that says “Submit Room Selection” at the top of the page. You are not able to alter your choices following the click. Make sure you review your choice and ensure the accuracy before clicking submit. If you have any questions you need to ask, call the HELP Desk.

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