Vastu for Commercial Shops

L\u0026#39;icona di Easy Numerology | Autore Icona: Raul Cafini [ www\u2026 | FlickrYou can change your business status by applying Vastu Shastra for commercial shops. These guidelines have the potential to change the way of doing business. Moreover, it helps the shop owners to attract a good amount of traffic from customers. Also, it uplifts the brand status gradually.

Imagine a situation wherein you have not planned to purchase anything but you did buy it after entering the shop. Well, impulse purchase happens for most of us several times. So, what could be the reason behind this? Did we enter the shop due to the design and layout of the shop?

Vastu Shastra makes it possible for the commercial shop owners to revive the positive energy and upgrade the business status.

Let us go through some of the tips for Vastu for commercial shops

The main entrance as per Vastu for Commercial shops

The success of the commercial shop is majorly dependent on the location of the main entrance. According to Vastu for commercial shops, the commercial shop entrance should not face the south direction. South direction is inauspicious for the financial status of the business. It should always be towards the northern or northeast direction.

You should also know that all the shops that have the south entrance are not always bad. But we need to apply more Vastu guidelines for this particular entrance location. Hence, keep in mind that any shop’s success is not dependent on the direction of its entrance but on the entrance placement in that specific direction.

Banners and signboards as per Vastu shastra for Commercial shops

The type of signboards that you put outside the commercial shops act as a guide for the customers. They create a lot of differences in the footfall of the visitors. The colour of the signboards and banners is vital along with the direction in which they are to be placed. It is always advisable to put white or grey colour signboards in the north or north-west corner of the commercial shop. Vastu for commercial shops guides us to showcase the discount percentage and attractive incentives according to the latest fashion.

If the shop entrance is in the north direction, you can use the shades of blue, green, or black colour. If the colours in the signboards and banners are not syncing with the directional elements, it might hamper your commercial shop’s success.

Placing cash counter as per Vastu for commercial shops

The location of the cash counter in the commercial shop is significant for ensuring smooth cash flow. According to the Vastu Shastra guidelines, you should always place a cash counter in the southeast direction. This direction symbolizes Lord Agni, who is responsible for attracting wealth from all sides.

You can go a long way by placing the cash counter Best Numerology Services In India the southeast direction and can maintain liquid in the business. Moreover, as per Vastu for commercial shops, we should always avoid the cash counter’s North or East direction.

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