Aussies can’t get enough of huge Stanley cup

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First they were all over TikTok and now the huge Stanley cup tumblers are popping up all across Australia too. In fact, it seems that Aussies just cannot get enough of the giant water bottles. 

I’ve seen teenagers carrying them in the street, my pilates instructor sips from hers during class and friends have been raving about theirs endlessly. 

Aussies have been snapping up the humungous water vessels in increasing numbers, so much so, that that the ‘Quenchers’ have become bestselling items on both Amazon and The Iconic, so far this year. 

The water bottle of the moment: The Stanley Quencher cups are bestsellers across Australian retailers Amazon and The Iconic in recent weeks 

The most coveted product from the range is the Stanley Quencher H2.0 40oz (from $69.99) which only became available in Australia late last year, after seeing immense popularity in the UK and the US, and it seems Aussies cannot get enough of the bottles now either. 

The cult Stanley cups have racked up thousands of five star Reviews and news with one product attracting over 20,000 positive Reviews and news on Amazon with Aussies branding it the ‘best water bottle’ and ‘a lifesaver.’ 

Many reviewers say they are now drinking more water in a day thanks to the ginormous bottles. 

The most coveted product from the range is the Stanley Quencher H2.0 40oz (from $69.99) Right is a Target limited edition cup on sale for $140

Cute colours: The giant water bottles have been the number one selling product across The Iconic in recent weeks, proving Aussies can’t get enough of them

The Quenchers come in a variety of pretty hues and boast double wall vacuum insulation, which keeps drinks cold for up to 11 hours, hot drinks will stay warm for up to seven hours and ice will keep, well, iced, for two whole days. 

The ‘flowstate’ lid boasts a rotating cover with three positions so you can sip through the reusable straw, which is secured in place or drink big gulps through a larger opening. There is also a full cover top to avoid spills but it seems that if the water bottles are placed flat or tipped upside down they will leak. 

Fans also seem to love the comfort grip handle, which makes it easy to carry around but harder to fit into bags.  

From the straw, to the handy handle and the tough stainless steel that makes the cups extremely durable, fans can’t get enough

The Stanley Quenchers are also extremely durable, constructed of 90 per cent BPA free stainless steel and they come with the same lifetime guarantee as other Stanley products. 

But it seems that shoppers aren’t just snapping up one single bottle, some are buying multiple cups in different colours to match their outfits, one Amazon shopper said she loved the bottle so much she bought it in four different colours. Which seems to defeat the sustainability claims. 

So why are Aussies going crazy for these bottles? Maybe it’s because you cannot open a social media app without seeing one. The #stanleycup hashtag has had over 7billion views on TikTok alone. 

Perhaps it’s because celebrities like Olivia Rodriguez and Adele have been seen with theirs. Rodriguez coincidentally confessed that she was influencer to get one by TikTok. 

Maybe it is because there’s been footage of customers in America fighting over Valentine’s Day limited edition Stanley cups at Target stores or in Starbucks. You can purchase a Target limited edition cups on Amazon for a cool $140 and there is also a flamingo version on sale for a whopping $220. 

The Stanley brand began in 1913 when its founder William Stanley Jr invented the steel vacuum sealed bottle. For more than a century the company marketed to men and was popular among construction workers, long haul travellers and hikers.

It was only relatively recently, in 2016, when the brand launched the Quencher cup and realised they could appeal to women. 

Although a US based trend forecaster claimed that Stanley Cups are on their way out in 2024, for now, in Australia at least, there is definitely no slowing down in sales. 

To shop the Stanley cups on Amazon, click here or to shop the Stanley cups on The Iconic, click here. 

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