Can you buy a car without a driver lincese?

It depends on where you buy that car because most of the places they ask you for a driver lincese.

Take your phone style to the next level with gorgeous phone wallpapers from Unsplash. Our community of professional photographers have contributed thousands of beautiful images, and all of them can be downloaded for free.AnswerNo You don’t ned a license to buy a car. You just need the license if you want to drive it away.

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Q: Can you buy novelty documents online a car without a driver lincese?

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Can you buy a car without a driver lincese? Do you have to have a driver license to have a car in your name or on the title? Can you buy driver license? If you have a suspended or revoked driver’s license in California can you get a driver’s license in New Jersey? Is it safe to give driver’s license number out online?


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